garden air

The newest Garden Air Pond filter is a multi-chamber pond filter equipped with ventilation unit suitable for medium sized ponds up to 8000 l. The 8-chamber filtering module allows, along with BIOMEC filter foams for biological and mechanical filtration, the utilisation of more filtering modules thus adapting it to any specific requirement in your pond.

Other technical features:
• Pump with ventilation system equipped with 10m 3-core cable for outdoor use. Adjustable water outlet (max flow up to 200 l/h) made up of ventilation system, multi-use rivet and rubber air tube.
• Multi-use rivet to fix the air-tube to pond’s side.
• Filtering media sachet.
• Supplied with 2 ceramic media for bio filtration.
• Optimum mixing of the water due to the special filter arrangement.
• Ground fixture for attaching the air hose to the edge of the pond thus granting the intake of proper air quantity.
• Outstanding stability.