A perfect filtration of water is essential for the good health of a pond as it removes impurity, debris and algae thus improving life conditions of fish and plants. EDEN now offers any garden enthusiast a range of products that are reliable, durable and simple to handle so that one can create a Water Paradise at home, a place not only to relax but also to experience the pure joy of nature. Pond filters series from EDEN combines the characteristics of the versatility of all pumps with high technology filtration components and enable the customer to have a wider offer of solutions for his own garden pond at home. These filters have a great filtration capacity by means of large volume filtering foams and different media, all supplied in complete pond kits.
Extremely easy to maintain and to clean they can be installed in ponds of different sizes. All models are equipped with a wide range of accessories which make these filters most reliable to perform the best mechanical, bio and chemical filtration.
More time to devote to nature and relax with EDEN’s pond products, your own Water Paradise!